Fairy Tales

Stories that children love- from around the world.  Brought to life for the modern child. Individually picked, adapted and lovingly told  by Patrick Morrow

The Frog Prince
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"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." -Phillip Pullmann

7 with One Whack

A hilarious tailor swats 7 flies with one whack, and then goes on an adventure to seek his fortune.  He meets giants along the way.

The Gigantic Pumpkin

A brother grows a giant pumpkin fit for a king. Will he be poor forever?

Tom Thumb


Tom Thumb is teeny-tiny but his heart is as big as a whale's. He is quick and clever, but there's adventure and danger ahead.

Clever Anna must spin straw into gold. This classic children's story is brought to life.

Kept prisoner in a tower.   Will her long hair help her escape?

Sweet Rampion

The Queen Bee

Three brothers are on a quest.  The youngest is helped by the Queen of the Bees.

The Frog Prince

Snow White

and Rose Red


Sleeping Beauty

A Princess is helped by a slimy  frog.  But she doesn't want a slimy green friend

Snow White and Rose Red live in the woods.  Their best friend is big, furry bear.


Sleeping Beauty is loved by everybody, but she has been put to sleep by a wicked witch.  Will she ever wake up?

The Golden Goose

Three brothers go to cut wood, and one of them finds a hilarious treasure. Will it bring him good fortune?

Bean, Straw and Coal

What rattles my bones?

A  cat and mouse in partnership

Three unlikely friends, fall from the cooking pot and plan their escape.

A mother goat warns her children to beware of the big bad wolf, but somehow they keep forgetting her words .

A cat and a mouse set up house together.  It starts off well, but can a cat and a mouse  really be friends?

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