We had a good turn out today. 11 babies at Wriggle and Rhyme followed by 24 Children and 25 Adults for Storytelling. It was all great fun and enjoyed by all.

The Storyteller, Patrick Morrow, told the story “King of the Birds”. A traditional tale which he has adapted and it is now available as a beautifully illustrated book. He has donated a copy to the library. He accompanied his storytelling with Violin, Guitar, Drums, Recorder, Tambourine, Croaking Frog, Bells, Chimes, Bowls and shakers. He also sang along to the guitar. As well as being an excellent Musician, Patrick is a very dynamic Storyteller.  It was very interactive and everybody attending joined in with singing and chanting and instruments.

Patrick signed some books at the end which he was selling for £10 each

Tracy  Herrmann, Bournemouth Assistant Librarian






Having seen them perform, I joined Forest Song in early 2018 with my son, Milo who was then 14 months. From the off, Milo and I loved coming to choir. It has become a highlight in our week. It is rare to meet someone who combines talent, compassion and humanity and is able to lead with a gentle determination that evokes both loyalty and enthusiasm and when you meet Patrick, you will see that he is all of these things and more. He has inspired Milo with a love of music that I believe will always be with him. He spends much of his time being “Atrick and his guitar”. Sometimes his fork or spoon are a guitar and sometimes a stick and Milo is always “Atrick”. Singing and playing, tapping his foot. He often bursts into songs that he has heard at choir. For me, my pleasure comes from watching Milo blossoming in such a nurturing environment. I have also found that as I sing, my heart heals from past hurts and my soul feels soothed. Music is such a gift and Patrick brings it to life so beautifully and I cannot recommend his work enough.  (Esther Collins and MIlo)

Patrick has the unique ability to make every child feel welcome and comfortable. His classes flow around rhythmic activities subtly interwoven with a plethora of different instruments. It’s a real joy to watch the children engage with him. This genuine and kind storyteller, takes you on a magical journey every time.  (Louise Teather)

There are no words to describe how special Patrick's abilities as a choir master are. He somehow manages to bring a room full of individuals - who arrive with their own lives and stresses - together, in a beautiful harmony, allowing us to experience oneness and joy for an hour and a half every week and taking the feeling of being held and supported away with us, back into our worlds. I think every human being needs this in their lives - as a divine right! I can't recommend enough! Thank you Patrick for your amazing gift of uniting and supporting through song (& movement & story) and to all who attend this special choir, past, present and future.  (Shona Dunn)

Our 6 year old daughter has attended a creative arts, music and drama style class with Patrick for around a year and a half now. We feel very blessed to have Patrick share his creative gift with her. During the sessions, Patrick has a very patient, empathetic and fun way of teaching the children. I regularly see my daughter with a huge smile on her face and laughing, all whilst she is learning. She is often singing, and sings the songs she learns in the sessions, this I believe she is doing from finding a joy of learning to sing and express her self.
I notice that during Patrick’s sessions, he reaches out to all the children, and includes every single one, encouraging them to join in in their own way.

My daughter also started learning a musical instrument with Patrick in a small group session. She is learning to play and read and to love music. Learning to play can at times be really challenging and tiring for her, Patrick has a magical way of empathising with the children and inspiring them with stories and tales to keep going and that one day they will fully bloom.
Patrick is an inspiration to us all, and he has bought a love of music together into our lives and home.
(Kat & Belle)


Tiger Speaks aka the magic Patrick Morrow leads a weekly workshop that my son and I attend. It is a time of connection, immersion and involvement for us both. A time to simply ‘be’ and grow. Thank you Patrick for sharing your heart and creativity.  (Johanna Williams)

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